Machines in Music


OCTOBER 14 / 15 - 2017





Benjamin Francis Laposky (1914–2000) was a mathematician, artist and draftsman in Cherokee, Iowa. He has been credited with making the first computer graphics, utilizing an oscilloscope as the creation medium for abstract art. In 1953 he released what he called "Oscillons" (or oscillogram designs) along with a corresponding thesis entitled "Electronic Abstractions" via a gallery exhibition of fifty pictures of the same name at Sanford Museum in Cherokee. Laposky is often credited as the pioneer for electronic art, more specifically in the analog vector medium.

Sabrina Ratté's video practice investigates the creation of virtual environments generated by analog technologies. Electricity, as raw material, is sculpted, transformed and altered digitally to be reborn as luminous and vibrating architectures. Her work exists on the edge of science-fiction, between abstraction and figuration, utopia and dystopia, architecture and landscape.

Benton C Bainbridge has worked with moving image in performance, installation and networked media for over 3 decades. He is an innovator of visual performance art, solo and in numerous collaborations. Bainbridge is best known for two tours as Beastie Boys’ video artist/VJ, video synth FX for TV On The Radio’s “Staring at the Sun”, standing-room-only shows with live visual performance ensemble The Poool (The Kitchen, Whitney Museum, etc.), and nearly a decade as American Museum of Natural History’s resident media artist at the monthly event One Step Beyond. Benton C Bainbridge is an alum of NYU TSOA UGF/TV, Experimental TV Center, Signal Culture and Eyebeam, to name a few. Benton is faculty in the SVA MFA Computer Art department.

Radio Collection is a performatic installation by Jorge Chikiar with the use of 8 AM and FM modulated radios. The main aim of tuning in broadcasts of different radio dial stations of the NY area is to use the phonemes as part of an embryo of sounds which will give shape to the structure of the work intervened with the collaboration of local artists playing their instruments and processed in real time.

Robert Beatty is an artist and musician based in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.